Village Development Model (VDM) can be integrated with plantation, animal husbandry, farming, research and development, technical education, training program, primary health care as well as by social amenities. The bio-wastes from the aforesaid practices can be recycled into manures as fertilized land as well as pond and also can use for Bio-gas.

VDM will be beneficial for the self-business men, unemployed graduate and postgraduate students and poor community in the village area. With this object Social enlistment by rehabilitating the poorest of the poor as self employed citizen Augmenting fish production with agriculture or animal husbandry activities. This will help in upgrading the skills of local men, women and unemployed students so that they become capable to execute and manage all activities in Godavari Estate ECO Retreat.
Godavari Estate ECO Retreat is intended to make optimum use of ecosystem and also recycle organic wastes. This will ensure maximum production per unit area by using all available resources for mixed farming system eco friendly. The water quality monitoring and biochemical approach is used for fast growth.

Its planning and construction will be done by Dr. Ashwani Kumar Dubey the Director of Godavari Estate ECO Retreat, which also run Bird watching, cooking, eco hut, guest house, medicinal plant and yoga centers for Invigorate, rebalance and restore the body and mind. Get motivated and inspired to start a daily practice with eco friendly at Godavari Estate ECO Retreat.


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