Traditional medicines represented the basis of healthcare throughout the world since the earliest days of mankind. Medicinal plants have been known for millennia as a rich source of therapeutic agents for the treatment and prevention of various diseases occupying an important place in the socio-cultural, spiritual and medicinal field. Over the last century, the drastic modifications of human life style and food habits lead to the emergence of various chronic pathologies. Recently herbal ‘renaissance’ is a visible phenomenon all over the globe and it has been suggested that two-thirds of the world’s plant species may have medicinal value.

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Godavari Estate Eco Guest House

To secure your place a non refundable deposit of Rs. 12900/-


Booking only October – March


  • Twins/Double occupancy – Rs. 68950/-
  • Single occupancy – Rs. 51000/-

Package includes

  • Daily Yoga session
  • Breakfast, Lunches and Dinners (NB expect for one meals that we have out at the local town, Khajuraho)
  • All refreshment between meals
  • A trip Village Sighting
  • UNESCO heritage site Khajuraho
  • Ranehfall and Crocodile Sanctuary
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Seven night accommodation

Strictly : Vegetarian & No Alcohol

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